Software Automation

Software automation can do a wide range of things for your business, from reducing paper trails and streamlining workflows to improving data reporting and communicating with other software systems you’re currently using. Improve internal and external communications by having Merandex automate every aspect of your outdated software!
Custom Software

There isn’t much that custom software can’t do for your business. After all, it is custom for a reason. We’ve built programs that track products, automatically bill clients, streamline workflows, and in the end, save time and money. When you’ve got problems, we’ve got the right solutions–there’s no limit on what custom software development can do for your business. Reach out today and find out!

We’re glad you asked! Out-of-the-box CRM solutions can be clunky, expensive, and in excess of what features you really need. Merandex listens to your needs, ideates a solution, designs it, and deploys it within a budget that works for you. We’ll train your sales team how to use it, and you can sit back and watch your sales explode–it’s amazing what a custom CRM solution can do for the confidence of your team and the size of your bottom line. Separate yourself from what’s available on the market with our one-of-a-kind CRM development!

The great thing about custom software development is that it can be adjusted to fit most budgets. Merandex will have a conversation with you about your needs, take your budget into account, and draw up a solution that satisfies both of those requirements. Because our software development is so highly customized, the price is dependent entirely on the project requirements and what you need from us.

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